Once bitter rivals, DA G-Fellaz have transformed into one of the biggest rap duos to hit the underground scene. Ten years of constant battles on and off the stage left DA G-Fellaz a strong and competitive group. At the time Fred (a.k.a. Freakie) was a member of a group named D.P.R. (Devistating Party Rockers) with a local company called Laid Back Entertainment. On the other side of things, Winfred (a.k.a. E-Shotz) was with a group of local rappers competing with D.P.R. 

They battled throughout their high school years with all groups seperating after their senior year. Fred went to off college and Winfred continued with his music carer. After graduating from Jackson State University in 1993, Fred returned to home with a hunger for the music he left behind. When running into Winfred, Fred inquired if the two could form a group, thus DA G-Fellaz are born. 

At first the group had a hard time mixing their hard core style with the hip-hop style that was popular at the time. Fred recieved help from his old producer of D.P.R., Blaine Ashley (C.E.O. of Big Talk Entertainment) to work on their sound. Efforts went into effect to produce an album for DA G-Fellaz. Collaborating with younger talent on the Big Talk label made their company a local force. 

Their first sinlge to debut on air was (Let'em Know) which featured Dub-G, who later joined the group. DA G-Fellaz went on to feature on 17's hit (Toe 2 Toe) and Dub-G & Lil Hound's hit (Goin Off). This made DA G-Fellaz local legends. Eventually after a few complications with Big Talk, the entire roster left the label and Gregory left the group. They remained friends and stayed in contact with each other. 

DA G-Fellaz went on to join Dirty South Records, but the stay was short lived. When news that Gregory started his own label, the family which was split by adversity was back together. They released their debut album ("On Top Of Tha Game") in 2003 and things were back on track. 

Freakie later decided to go solo. The debut album titled "Freakie Wayz" was released in late 2005. Freakie has put in years of hard work and grinding and the work speaks for itself!

V I S I T   O G   F R E A K I E   O N L I N E